1 February 2017
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ESX.3xl Control units

In addition to the ESX.3xl (l for Large), an ESX.3xm (m for medium) is also available, which accords approximately with half an ESX.3xl with regard to the construction size and the number of inputs/outputs.


Both control units are suitable for safety-oriented applications up to Performance Level PL d or Safety Integrity Level SIL 2, and are based on a common architectural concept: The robust aluminum die cast housing with automotive plug-in connectors contains a fast 32-bit microcontroller with six MB Flash and four MB SRAM, four CAN interfaces, one serial interface, one buzzer and several LEDs.

In addition to the flexible adaptation possibilities available in the basic versions – for example, all inputs can be configured via Init functions as current/voltage/digital or speed inputs – the extendibility using “Expansion Boards” represents a unique selling proposition of our control unit series:
Expansion boards cover a wide spectrum of applications for your machine across six slots and with almost any additional functions. Currently, 14 expansion board variants are available in the standard with different inputs and outputs, additional interfaces or also a programmable Linux system including Ethernet and USB. It is also possible to develop customer-specific expansion boards quickly and cost-effectively and thus to fulfil highly specific requirements, for example for technical special solutions or to protect against product piracy.

Safety and diagnostic capability
A second, independent processor monitors the various system voltages and the program sequence. If required, this switches off all outputs via a second shut-down method or resets the main controller. Digital and analog feedback for almost all signal branches permit comprehensive diagnostics for the system including the inputs and outputs.
For safety-oriented applications, a safety layer API is available which permits the separation of safety and non-safety (feedback-free) application sections using a memory protection unit. This makes the effort required for recertification in case of changes to the (non-safety) application software substantially easier. The creation and updating of a safety-oriented application can be conveniently carried out using a safety manual and a diagnostics library.

The application software for the ESX.3xl can be highly efficiently created either in “C” or also acc. CODESYS V3.5 IEC61131. A Matlab package is also available. Numerous convenient functions such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are already integrated during application development. Various supplementary libraries, for example for CANopen, J1939 or error handling simplify the system integration.

ESX.3xl is a product of
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
All rights are reserved.



3XL- Basis
3XL- E6
CANFull CAN 2.0 B interfaces, low/high speed up to 1 MBit/s444
RS232Programmable baud rate up to 1 15 kBit/s111
ProgrammingFreely programmable in the stan- dard language “C“ (comfortable API library), Matlab or under CoDeSys Safety SIL2 (IEC6 1 131-3) additional libraries + tools
System Data
Power supply9 ... 32 V DC
IndicatorsBuzzer, 4 status LEDs (two-tone)
Current consumption200 mA (24 V) ... 350 mA (12 V), stand by < 1 mA
Analog input_40VDigital/analog inputs, 0 ... 40
V , 12-bit, high/low active and programmable switching levels, short-circuit proof
--32, 16
Resistor input_2.5kR500 ... 2500 ohm, 12-bit--4, 2
Analog output_
Analog output 0 ... 20 mA or 5 ... 10 V , configurable via Software--2, 1
Digital output_
2 A, high-side, with current measurement, short-circuit proof and diagnosable--20, 10
Analog input_
Analog inputs, 0 ... 20 mA, 12-bit, short-circuit proof--4, 2
4 A, high-side, 0 ... 100 %, with current measurement, short-circuit proof and diagnosable888
Digital /PWM
2.5 A, high-side, 0 ... 100 %, with current measurement, short-circuit proof and diagnosable161616
Multi-function input_UIFDMulti-function inputs, which can
be switched as analog, digital and speed inputs via the software. The inputs are short-circuit proof and diagnosable. Furthermore, up to 4 short-circuit proof incremental inputs can be implemented.
Sensor supply
Independent, stabilized voltage suppl y , programmable 5 ... 10 V333
Digital /PWM
2 A, high-side, 0 ... 100 %, with current measurement, short-circuit proof and diagnosable--12, 6
Internal connection portFor expansion boards, with up to 14 inputs / outputs each, e.g. for digital or analog I/Os, PVG outputs for Danfoss-valves, input for encode r , motor bridge, communications
interfaces or customer-specific design
----, Up to 6
Mechanical Data
Connector2 x 81-pole mobile-compatible connector ( T yco / AMP)
DimensionsApprox. 248 mm x 217 mm x 51 mm
(approx. 9.76“ x 8.54“ x 2.01“)
WeightApprox. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
Environmental Requirements
RequirementsInspections acc. standards and requirements for vehicle, agricultural machinery and the construction machinery industry as well as CE conformity
Operating temperature-40°C ... +85°C (-40°F ... 185°F) (housing temperature)
Processor System
RAM4 MByte external memor y , 80 kByte internal controllers memory
EEPROM32 kByte
Processor32-bit controlle r , 150 MHz, separate system supervisor with programmable watchdog

Code 1030108000400 UNIT ESX-3XL + 5BB EB05, 1BB EB10

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