In the mobile machine market, machine connectivity, user device & infrastructure integration, remote access & cloud solutions and work process optimization are growing significantly in both amount and complexity due to consumer demand for more productivity.

New applications are developed to share big amount of data and a global solution is requested to offer a complete solution.

Reliable and complete solution became a critical factor, as well as a key differentiation for success in the mobile machine market.

Motronica Technology

Motronica provides a complete set of solutions, which combine specific product features, programming methodologies and an extended expertise acquired in 17 years of activity on field.

Our solutions

for Digitalization
Motronica provides both products and services for Digitalization, such as:
  • Machine Gateway

  • Black box

  • Network router

  • Edge computing

  • WiFi access point

  • Mobile internet

  • Smart devices

  • Home network

  • IP&CAN

  • Data storage

  • Data Logger

  • Maintenance

  • Fleets

  • Processes

  • Robotic applications

  • M2M connectivity

  • Business processes