What we want to achieve:

"Not just moving things but the entire businesses"


What we do:

"Not just providing technology, but the knowledge of doing"


How we act:

Trust in people

Total Service Commitment

Sustained Profitability

Our products are designed and manufactured for the specific needs
of our customers and their applications

In what we are different

qualified products, software components and services
from selected partners

Our strengths are what make us different:
  • A wide range of products for the specific needs of mobile machinery, commercial and industrial vehicles and marine.
  • Modular components and software for the efficient realization of a wide range of functionality.
  • Support services for the design and development of control and telematics applications.
Our range of products and services enable our customers to implement solutions that add value to their products quickly and efficiently, through the integration of qualified products, software components and services from selected partners.

Our solutions are defined by the challenges posed by our customers and are based on the latest technologies. We will cooperate with customers and partners in the innovation process and throughout the life cycle of the product.

  • We offer 17 years of practical experience in the field of automotive, commercial vehicles and boats.
  • We offer complete solutions and selected suppliers: We develop our software in-house, through the latest generation of tools for the quality of our products and create test systems for our systems.
  • We continuously develop our knowledge and experience to continue to grow and maximize the added value or of our products and services.
  • We work in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our job is to provide solutions and products for control, automation, connectivity and electrification for mobile machinery and boating and to support businesses and people in the commissioning of these solutions.

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