ESX (81 pin-KS2) power and data cable, lenght 2 mt
11 May 2017
17 May 2018
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Drives and generator

In addition to the powerMELA.c140 motor, we offer the powerMELA.c80 motor which is smaller and lighter and generates less power accordingly. Like all powerMELA components, the motors are also characterized by their field-tested robustness.

The powerMELA.c80 Motor is a permanently excited synchronous motor with a nominal voltage of 650 VDC. The power electronics are integrated together with the oil cooling into an IP6K9K housing.

Integrated power electronics
Due to the integrated inverter, a DC voltage connection is sufficient for powerMELA electric machines. Complex wiring is no longer required, which saves space and weight, and an incomparably high performance density is achieved.

Operating voltage
Due to the high electrical power of 80 kW required, it is necessary to invest accordingly in current or voltage. The powerMELA motors favor the increase in voltage, as a nominal operating voltage of max. 800 V and reduced cable cross-sections ensure high-capacity networks with limited costs. In this way, ohmic losses due to high currents are prevented.

Protective insulation
The powerMELA motors feature the special concept of a protective insulation structure both for high voltages and for interference suppression on the network, which ensures safety and interference-free operation when using smaller interference suppression capacitors.

Cooling concept
For a consistently high power output, heat losses must be dissipated immediately after their generation. Even a particularly high degree of efficiency of 95 % causes heat losses of several kilowatts. Only the environmentally-friendly powerMELA oil cooling permits the direct cooling of live components inside the machine.

The comprehensive software toolchain for the powerMELA C80 assists you with system integration.

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Size (rotor height/power)[mm]/[kW]132/80 
Phases1 x 3
Earthing SystemITStand-alone operation only, not connected to the grid
Protection classIP6K9KUnmounted: drive shaft / flange IP65. Communication Connector IP67
Operation Data
Nominal power (motor shaft)[kW]80@ 3000 RPM S9 Mode
Nominal voltage DC[V]600other voltages on request
Maximum operating voltage DC[V]800
Temporary overvoltage[V]1200
Nominal current DC[A]146while engine operation
Nominal torque[Nm]254
Nominal speed[min-1]3000
Maximum speed[min-1]6000
Maximum torque[Nm]338for max. 15 seconds
Maximum power[kW]88for max. 15 seconds
Mechanical data
Length without shaftL1 [mm]379
Length with shaftL2 [mm]450other dimensions on request
Shaft diameterd1 [mm]35DIN5480-W35 x 2 x 30 x 16 x 9 g - other dimensions on request
Rotor inertia[kgm2]0,0493
Cooling connectoramount2M26 x 1,5
Power connectoramount270mm2 with 8mm cable lug
Communication connector19pole2 x CAN; I/O
Maximum impulse withstand voltage[V]4000
Maximum altitude of usem above sea level5000


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