12 February 2017
13 February 2017
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Integrated Central Controller

The freely programmable control unit ESX-C is a compact variant of the ESX from the 16-bit control unit family.

Flexibility / scalability

The controller is currently available in 3 configuration variants. The internal interfaces for the extension with expansion boards are not available for this control unit.

Ambient conditions
A robust aluminium die cast housing (Protection IP65, opt. IP67, with GORE-TEX membrane for pressure compensation) provides both, a high level of protection against electromagnetic interference as well as reliable protection against mechanical stress.
The ESX-C was developed especially for use in vehicles and machines, which have to function reliably in harsh ambient conditions and extreme operating temperatures of -40 … +85°C (-40 … 185°F).

A second switch-off path via a safety relay is available for the digital/PWM outputs.

Diagnosis and error handling
All inputs and outputs are protected against overvoltage and short-circuits and are diagnosable.

ESX-C is a product of
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
All rights are reserved.



CANSeparate CAN, 2.0 B interfaces Full
CAN, low/high speed up to 1 MBit/s
RS232Programmable baud rate up to 1 19 kBit/s111
System Data
Power supply9 ... 32 V DC
Current con- sumptionApprox. 500 mA without power
output, stand-by < 1 mA, total current max. 30 A
Sensor sup- ply_8.5V/10V_ SWStabilized supply voltage, switchable via software, short-circuit proof111
Digital out- put_3A_HSHigh-side switch 3 A, 0 ... 100 %, cycle frequency adjustable from 20 ...
250 Hz, short-circuit proof, for direct control of proportional valves
Digital out- put_2.5A_HSHigh-side switch 2.5 A with current recognition88, 4
Digital out- put_5A_HSHigh-side switch 5 A with current recognition22
Digital/Speed input_HL_SWHigh/low active (configurable via software), limit frequency up to
7.2 kHz, short-circuit proof und diagnosable
Digital /PWM output_3A_ HSCHigh-side switch 3 A, 0 ... 100 %, cycle frequency adjustable from 20 ...
50 Hz, short-circuit proof
3, 1 1,
PVG outputPVG-output for controlling Danfoss valves (20 % UB·... 80 % UB)8
Digital input_ HL_SWHigh-/low-active (configurable via software), limit frequency up to
7.2 kHz, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
1010, 8
Multi-function input_UIAnalog-inputs, 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10
V , 10 Bit, switchable via software, short-circuit proof
Mechanical Data
Connector68-pole mobile-compatible connector
( T yco / AMP)
HousingIP 65, opt. IP 67, aluminum die cast, GORE-TEX membrane for pressure compensation
DimensionsApprox. 134 mm x 1 17 mm x 36 mm
(5.28“ x 4.61“ x 1.42“)
WeightApprox. 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs.)
Environmental Requirements
RequirementsInspections acc. standards and requirements for vehicles, agricultural machinery and the construction machinery industry as well as CE conformity
Operating temperature-40°C ... +85°C (-40°F ... 185°F) (housing temperature)
-40°C ... +85°C (-40°F ... 185°F) (housing temperature)
Processor System
Processor16-bit controlle r , 40 MHz, separate system supervisor with watchdog
RAM512 kByte

Code 1030111000100 UNIT ESX-C 24VDC 2CAN OPTION 2

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