15 May 2019
15 May 2019
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Strain sensors

The DMS is characterized by its high repeat accuracy from sensor to sensor. In addition, it has a digital (CAN bus) and analog output signal and is extremely robust.


Strain sensors measure deflections, for example of steel arms, in various directions. In this way, forces, weights or vibrations can be indirectly recorded. Conventional strain sensors are hard to install and put into operation. This issue has been addressed on the DMS with a patented installation technology. Installation can be carried out directly in Production. In case of servicing, the sensor can be replaced on site. As the calibration data is adopted, the replaced strain sensor can be put into operation without requiring alignment, meaning that the system can be made ready for operation again within a very short time.

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Gyroscope Sensor
Measuring range± 2.200 µm/m
Overload50.000 µm/m
Linearity< 0.5 % FS
Repeatability< 0.5 % FS (from sensor to sensor)
Temperature stability< 0.1 % FS
Sensitivity< 0.1 % FS
Supply voltage8 … 32 VDC
Output signalCAN bus 2.0B, 4-20 mA
Operating temperature range−25 … +85 °C / -13 ... 185 °F
Storage temperature−40 … +100 °C / -40 ... +212 °F
Electrical connection1 m cable (other lenghts on request)
Material housingaluminum, anodized
Protection classIP65
Noteglue not included
Operating area for current output
output signal4 … 20 mA, (load resistance to GND)
min. loadRL min = 9,4 Ω/V *Vcc - 75 Ohm
max. loadRL max = 48 Ω/V *Vcc - 133 Ohm
bandwidth1 kHz

Code: 1140205001200  STRAIN SENSOR DMS L.1MT

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