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20 February 2017
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SPU 70-66

SPU 70-66
Safety Power Unit

Safety Power Unit (SPU) 70-66 is a versatile ECU suitable for off-highway and automotive vehicles applications.

Main features

  • Provide I/O extensions managed directly within an master ECU software
  • Designed for 12V and 24V applications
  • Per slave unit: up to 8 additionnal inputs, voltage, digital, resistor, frequency, wake-up / up to 13 additionnal outputs, half bridge, high side, sensor supply
  • Built-in function to simplify management of wiper

Typical vehicle applications

  • Interior and/or exterior lighting control. LED lighting
  • Wiper and washer motor driving
  • Climate control
  • Power management: accessory relay

The SPU 70-66 features are achieved by a design articulated around several function blocs as shown in below diagram.
All these blocs are described in the next sections, which are also providing details on the housing and on the set of safety features.

SPU 70-66
is a product of
ACTIA Automotive



System Data
Power supply8 to 32 V
Universal input32 x Inputs software selectable as
• 0-32V measurement (UN 05 to 08, 13 to 32)
• Digital HS switch
• Digital LS switch
• Resistor measurement (UN 01 to 04, 09 to 12) Selection is made individually for inputs with
resistor measurement, by groups of 4 for the others
Configurable input17 x input to perform :
• 0-5V measurement
• 0-32Vmeasurement
• Digital HS switch
• Digital LS switch
Current input11 x Inputs adapted to 4-20mA sensors
Frequency input8 x input to perform:
• Current frequency measurement
• V oltage frequency measurement
• 0-5V measurement
• 0-32V measurement
• Digital HS switch
• Digital LS switch
Wake-up input1x Configurable as HS or LS
Ground sense input1x Detecting a loss of the controller ground connection
High side PWM 4A8xOutput PWM capable with advanced current sense
High side PWM 2A12xOutput PWM capable with advanced current sense
High side digital 4A20xOutput driven on/off
High side digital 2A14xOutput driven on/off
Low side digital 4A8xOutput driven on/o f f, with auxiliary CPU control (see safety features)
PVG4xDedicated for proportional valve control
*2 exclusive to low side outputs, see pin allocation
Sensor supply 5 V1 x 5 V, 400 mA maximum
Sensor supply
1 x 5 to 15 V (configurable by PCB population), availability upon operating voltage 400 mA maximum
CAN4 x CAN bus 2.0
Environmental Requirements
Temperature Range-40 to +85°C
Over-voltage36V/5 minutes maximum, class C
Reverse polarity-36V/5 minutes maximum, class D
Short circuity
(key o f f)
Ground and 16/32 V , class C
Short circuity
(key on)
Ground and 16/32 V , class D
Mechanical data
ConnectorTYCO 3-1437290-7 + 26pins 3-1447221-3 or 3-1447221-4
+ TYCO 4-1437290-0 + 34pins 3-1447221- 3 or 3-1447221-4
TYCO 1473416-1 + 26pins 3-1447221-3 or 3-1447221-4
+ TYCO 4-1437290-1 + 34pins 3-1447221-3 or 3-1447221-4
TYCO 2-1437285-2 + 26pins 3-1447221-3 or 3-1447221-4
+ TYCO 2-1437285-3 + 34pins 3-1447221-3 or 3-1447221-4
DimensionApprox 267 mm x 261,7 mm x 55,8 mm
Processor System
Processor32 bits CPU from Freescale PowerPC range with and
64kB RAM embedded memories
RAM64kB - opt. 1Mb additional
Flash2MB - opt. 2MB additional

Code: 1030301000200  ECU SPU 70-66 ACTIA

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