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17 May 2018
17 May 2018
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Battery Management

Customer specific and standardized Lithium-Ion batteries are the energy storage of choice for modern drive systems. The battery management system powerMELA-mBMS fi ts ideally to the drives of the powerMELA product family. The mBMS supports all kinds of popular cell chemistries within the Lithium-Ion family: LFP, NMC and LTO.

The powerMELA-mBMS is a mature and complete solution for your battery. It covers all electrical functions of a Lithium-Ion battery:

  • from the sensors to status supervision of the storage.
  • from balancing the cells to self-diagnosis of the electronics to an insulation guard.

Motronica will support you when deploying your battery system. If you plan a customer specifi c adaptation.
Motronica off ers cost-effi cient development and series production based on the mBMS reference design – the fastest and easiest way to a sophisticated, tailored solution. powerMELA-mBMS components for realization of your complete solution.
The Battery Main Supervisor (BMS) is the central control unit of the battery system. It includes three processors for highest levels of reliability and safety.
It collects all information from the sensor modules, from the Cell Sensor Circuits and from the Power Measurement Board, calculates the status of the battery system and controls the HV contactors.

Lithium-Ion High Voltage Battery



powerMELA-CSC is a product of
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
All rights are reserved.


Dimensions (approx.)212 x 100 x 33 mm
(8.3“ x 3.9“ x 1.3“)
Weight (approx.)230 g (0.51 lbs.)
Temperature range−40° C ... +80° C (−40° F ... 176° F) environment temperature
Connector23-pole AMPSEAL (TE connectivity)
Power supply8 ... 32 V DC
Power consumption (in operation)350 mA @ UB = 12 V
Power consumption (sleep mode)< 0.1 mA @ UB = 12 V
Communication Interfaces4 x CAN 2.0 B CAN Wakeup
I/O’s3 x 2 A digital outputs
1 x analog input
Interlock detector & driver
OperationCoolant temperature measurement Range: −55 … +125 ° C (−67 ... 257 °F) Accuracy: ±2 K plus sensor tolerance

Insulation measurement
Range: 1 ... 4500 kΩ Accuracy: 0 … −5 kΩ @ 1 … 20 kΩ
0 … −25 % @ 20 … 1000 kΩ


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