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powerMELA Insulation Guard

System safety

Insulation resistances and leakage capacitances in the system are determined cyclically through a redundant procedure involving insulation guard with AC and DC measurements. The warning and error limits can be freely parameterized via CAN bus.


The powerMELA insulation guard is a component for the monitoring of the insulation resistance in the electric system. It has been especially developed for use on mobile machines and is characterized through a patented measuring procedure.

Measuring procedure
Interference influences between HV and LV-GND are minimized through frequency-selective measurements. Statements on the parasitic capacitances between HV and LV are possible through the use of AC voltage for the measurement of the fault resistance in terms of magnitude and phase, thus rendering complex timing adaptation of the measuring circuit to the system superfluous. The measurement principle does not require complete charging of the Y capacities, which shortens the time taken for measurement. The insulation guard can detect both symmetrical and asymmetrical faults.

The insulation guard cyclically measures and saves the insulation resistance and the leakage capacitance of the system. If individually parameterizable warning and error limits are exceeded, the insulation monitor emits a warning. Optionally, an LED traffic light on the housing can indicate the insulation condition.

Control unit
The parameterization for adjustment of the warning and error limits takes place via CAN.

The insulation guard is available in two designs, as a standalone and as an integrated variant. The standalone variant can be used in all high voltage systems up to 1000 V.
The integrated variant is installed in our powerMELA products. This procedure reduces the amount of construction space required and the number of electronic units in the mobile machine.

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Code: 1030125000100 ECU INSULATION GUARD

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