SAMOTER – Verona 22-25 February 2017
1 January 2017
4 January 2017

Until today the use of telematics systems is mostly limited to visualizing machine data remotely. We go a step further and offer you our IoT platform “”.

With “” you gain access to the right infrastructure for the integration and automation of your business processes. Very often you have to implement conformity requirements and legal directives in a timely manner. With the well-described interfaces of “” you create a connection to your ERP or CRM system thus obtaining insight and control of your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Your time-to-market for new services and business models will decrease drastically. This allows an early ROI (Return onInvestment). A multitude of standard tools as well as  a flexible and open ecosystem with connectors to3rd-parties and services build the basis to deploy even short-lived business models with minor effort at reduced risk. The open, “no-vendor-lock-in” approach guarantees the necessary security of investment.

Together with our established network of partners we are ready to advise and consult you along yourprojects, services and business models.
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