M-Vision 3.7.5. 4975 release is now available

4 January 2017
14 July 2017

M-Vision software is now available for all registered license owners. This new release provides an improved code editor and an improved cross reference search function.

These are other significant features and fixes:

  • POU (Program Organization Unit):

Starting from this M-Vision version, it will be possible to define ”POUs” that can implement functions, using standard Structured Text syntax. These function can be called in other functions, tasks, widget timers or widget events. This will reduce code duplication and allow developers to create a project that is more clean and easy to mantain.

  •  I/O

Starting from this version controllers I/O can be configured from M-Vision. This function will be released initially for projects using SCADE integration.

  • Code Editor

Code editor has been refined and now used a monospace fonts and a color theme that makes code more readable.

  • Check for external changes

Starting from this M-Vision version, the IDE will check if any external changes have been made to the opened project and ask to reload.

  • Update manager profiles

Starting from this M-Vision version, the update Manager is able to remember the options selected for the custom update. Moreover, it has been added a check that asks to save the project before opening the update manager.

  • Many more improvements in all areas of the software.

This release will work with existing 3.6.x and 3.7.x licenses. Release is not supported without a valid, paid M-Vision  3.6.x or 3.7.x  license.

**Please Note: Customers running the M-Vision before should not upgrade.  

M-Vision is only updated through Motronica web site RESERVED AREA.**

If you have not credentials to access to our RESERVED AREA, please contact us.

All information about downloads and release notes are available in the software package.