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13 May 2018
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24 July 2018

Electrification of agricultural vehicles

Emissions of greenhouse gases are increasing faster than expected and the effects on climate change are emerging sooner than could be supposed.
The most industrialized countries have issued specific laws to reduce energy needs.
With a sense of responsibility and a spirit of innovation Motronica has tried to make its own contribution by proposing solutions and products developed by its partner STW, in worlds in which an electric vehicle is not only a non-polluting means but also an economic and functional advantage.

Motronica thanks to a twenty-year partnership with STW, a German specialist for electric drive technology and an established expert for innovative and robust electrification solutions for mobile machines for over 15 years, proposes a scalable technological platform, also from an economic point of view.


For more information, please read the article  Electrification of agricultural vehicles



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