Powertrain electrification continues to be a growing trend in mobile applications. Motronica supports you in the identification of numerous advantages obtainable with Electric powertrains over traditional mechanical and hydraulic powertrains.

Full electric, diesel-electric and hybrid drives are supported by Motronica solutions and electric work functionality is realised.

Motronica Technology

Motronica thanks to current market trends that requires more and more powertrain electrification in mobile applications is the right partner to ensure a customizable complete solution.

Our solution

for Electrification

Motronica provides both products and services for power Electrification.
On products, Motronica proposes:

  • Drives and Generators

  • Energy Distribution and System Safety

  • Converter and Inverter

  • Integrated Electronics

On Services, Motronica proposes:

  • Analysis to develop ideas

  • System Calculation to build the solution

  • Pilot development to realize the system

  • Series development to shaping the future