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Motronica Genova
Perhaps it is no a coincidence that Motronica headquarters is in Genoa, home to sailors and navigators. The sea is a friend for many human activities, but it can turn into a hostile environment.

A "Motronica" control system on board is a "traveling companion" that makes sailing by sail or motor, easier and safer, enabling the safe and reliable control of all boat functions and maneuvers.

Motronica Technology

Motronica thanks to current market trends that requires more and more wireless connectivity, smart devices and digital switching, is the right partner to ensure the safety of vessel both at the dock and underway.

Our control applications

for marine
Motronica Genova
Motronica operates both on motorboats and sailboats. On motorboats, systems developed by Motronica are:

  • Monitoring (tank levels, engine data, fuel consumption…)
  • Trim and flaps control, bilge pumps
  • Lights control
  • Camera control
  • Integration with other systems (GPS, autopilot, levers etc)
  • Control and automation logics
  • Boat management and remote data

On sailboats, systems developed by Motronica are mainly used as aids to navigation:

  • Sails management
  • Integration with the GPS and autopilot system
  • Boat management and remote data

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